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If you are not convinced yet whether to buy an epilator or not, there are several facts available which will definitely help you make up your mind.
– If you use an epilator, you will have a soft and hair free skin for up to 4 weeks. Hairs will be removed at the roots, and not “cut” like it happens when you use a razor or epilating cream
– Your hair will not grow back darker- on the contrary, hairs will grow back much finer, and of a fair color. Over time, you will also observe that you need to use the epilator less often

Epilator Reviews

- After some time, you will feel that the epilator does not irritate skin. When you use traditional methods such as razors, your skin might look nice the first day, but next day your skin will look irritated and small bumps will start emerging
– The greatest majority of epilator reviews written by genuine users say that epilation is a very fast process. Especially if your epilator is equipped with high quality tweezers, it only takes approximately 20 minutes to epilate your legs, once in 3 or weeks
– Ingrown hairs- yes, it might happen, but it is extremely important to perform exfoliation regularly and then the dead cells that “block” the way of the hair will be successfully eliminated and there will be no more ingrown hairs problem existent

Epilator Reviews

- Your skin looks dry not because of the epilator, but because the glands on the legs do not produce sufficient quantities of oil. Use a good moisturizer after each epilation. If possible, use lotions that contain natural , calming ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile or Shea butter
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